After a long while dealing with work and its stresses, I have returned with updates, both old and new. Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I did finally buy myself a new, flagship phone to replace my aging Galaxy Nexus.  Sure, I was able to get that phone up to 5.1.1 (and … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 635: The 520’s Successor

The Nokia Lumia 520 was a great success for the budget-minded and developing worlds.  It was also a huge help for getting Windows Phone into the world and increasing Microsoft’s mobile reach.  It’s successor, the Lumia 530, should have been more of the same or slightly better to.  It wasn’t.  The Lumia 530 was fatter, … Continue reading

I’m Back!!

I’m back!! It’s been too long since I last blogged, and in that time I’ve been doing … not much, really.  I still: have the same job (while valiantly taking on more responsibilities); live in the same apartment; drive the same car; am confirmed bachelor; am exploring my surroundings.  There was a personal tragedy in … Continue reading

Moto E Review

Better late than never, my review of the Motorola Moto E has been quite some time coming.  That said, I’ve used it quite a bit, and will my impressions of this phone below. The Moto E is a budget phone created by Motorola to gain a foothold with “the next billion,” essentially the emerging market … Continue reading

Long time…

So it seems I write plenty of these types of posts.  In fact, I think my last one was the exact same.  That said, I am back. Work has been rather stressful, thus killing a good amount of my energy.  That and TV, the internet, video games, etc etc. That’s it for now.  Too much … Continue reading