I’m Back!!

I’m back!! It’s been too long since I last blogged, and in that time I’ve been doing … not much, really.  I still: have the same job (while valiantly taking on more responsibilities); live in the same apartment; drive the same car; am confirmed bachelor; am exploring my surroundings.  There was a personal tragedy in … Continue reading

Moto E Review

Better late than never, my review of the Motorola Moto E has been quite some time coming.  That said, I’ve used it quite a bit, and will my impressions of this phone below. The Moto E is a budget phone created by Motorola to gain a foothold with “the next billion,” essentially the emerging market … Continue reading

Long time…

So it seems I write plenty of these types of posts.  In fact, I think my last one was the exact same.  That said, I am back. Work has been rather stressful, thus killing a good amount of my energy.  That and TV, the internet, video games, etc etc. That’s it for now.  Too much … Continue reading


Long time no blog!  Unfortunately, I’ve been very busy at work, making me vegetate when I get home. However, I am back! Since my last post, I have tried several new apps, including some up-and-comers and some hot.  Now, I get to try out some new hardware. Due to the power button on my Galaxy … Continue reading